Sacred Soul Code Activations

Updated: Sep 2, 2021

I have been channelling ancestral song and light language to assist with healing for self others, and the planet in my Cacao Ceremony's and healings for many years now. A while ago I began to channel these so frequently that I knew I needed to share them with more people so I created some online Programs (Including a FREE Konscious Kids Program) to allow easy access for daily energy resets.

Light language is is considered to be the “language of the angels,” or the “language of the soul.” Some say this is galactic, others the voice of our guides and angels.

Soul Language or song is the wisdom of our ancestors channelling through us. Both are healing, both are life changing, both are needed right now. Many are awakening to the ability to channel light or soul language. Perhaps that is you?

Recently I downloaded something new and exciting!! "Sacred Soul Code Activations".

Watch this little download and receive the codes

At first I wasn't sure they were different from the ancestral songs I had been downloading and then I received a clear message from Spirit- that I was actually downloading "Sacred Soul Code Activations" that realign, reconfigure and reactivate our DNA!

Everyone who has attended healing or massage, cacao ceremony, (online or in person) with me, one of my recent trainings or is on my insta page (Sacredsoulcodes) has received these codes and have access to these codes over and over again.

Our DNA/Energetic and Soul imprints require upgrading to not only navigate the world as we know it today but to enable us to be energetically/mentally/physically

emotionally and spiritually strong enough to Thrive with what's next.

I know many of you reading this will be able to identify with the unrest and emotional ups and downs the collective is experiencing right now and are doing lots of meditating, ceremony, grounding and clearing of energies. As empathic beings I know how much energy that is taking you, it is taking it's toll on me too.

Unexplained muscular aches and pains, particularly in shoulder and neck areas, insomnia, nausea, flu like symptoms, lethargy and weird dreams and a general feeling of letting go of all that no longer fits with us energetically is taking place.

Can you feel it?

So please GO BACK TO BASICS..... sl0w down, rest, do less, eat well, get out in the sun, connect with the elements, start talking with your guides and ancestors, sit in ceremony, create minute rituals that bring you back to self.

Listen to these Sacred Soul Code Activations- (remember the kids program is FREE) as often as you can.

You have been chosen, your soul has chosen to be here this lifetime to experience these circumstances- do what it takes to stay healthy, grounded and at peace.

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much love

x Natalie