Sacred Cacao & Ceremony

Updated: Sep 1, 2021

Sacred Cacao has been used for centuries by shamans and medicine men/women and healers to connect with their Gods/Goddesses. To ask for and offer blessings for health, vitality, abundance. In Modern times Cacao has begun to call for new medicine men/women/shamans/healers to heed her call and work with her divine plant medicine.

Why? Because the world is shifting faster than we can keep up, there has before been such a united divide as the last few years this "C" virus has exposed. Hang in there!

So Cacao has been around for eons, why are we just hearing about it??

I believe that in the past few years the "consciousness" of Cacao has risen as has the "consciousness" of the planet and many of us. Cacao calls to you, make no mistake about that. Cacao connects those that heed her call with their ancestors and the ancestors of this Sacred Plant Medicine.

With each sip we are building a deeper connection to the healer/shaman/medicine within and with the plant itself. Downloading the wisdom and spiritual insight of all those who have come before us and worked with Cacao.

I have been so blessed to work with this Sacred Plant medicine and to have sat in Sacred Ceremony with 1000's of souls over the past few years. I host Sacred Cacao and Breathwork Ceremonies on the, and also teach a globally accredited Sacred Cacao Ceremony Facilitator Training. more info here.

I invite you to welcome Sacred Cacao into your daily rituals for love, healing and wellbeing. You can purchase Peruvian Cacao here. (enter code NAT10 and receive 10%off)

Please enjoy a FREE gift from me- Sacred Cacao & Ceremony E book.

If you would like to book a healing or Intuitive massage with me book or attend my

Upcoming events and workshops

11/9 - Access Bars Practitioner Course

19/9 - Online Sound & Breathwork Meditation

29/9 - Live Sacred Cacao and Breathwork Ceremony

10/10 - Sacred Cacao Ceremony Facilitator Training

21/11 - Reiki 1 & 2 Training



25.8.21 ebook Sacred Cacao & Ceremony
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