Creating Conscious Ceremony

Updated: Sep 2, 2021

When we sit in Ceremony we create sacred healing and space that ripples out into the world. We create connection with those in circle with us and those beyond.

The great spiritual leaders and followers of all time in all worlds came together in Ceremony to connect with their Gods and Goddesses. To ask for guidance, protection, health and abundance and to make offerings to appease and be loved by their Deities.

World travellers know that beauty and incredible experience of watching other cultures in ceremony, making their daily offerings, praying and chanting in community.

Those experiences are priceless and even the most unaware person feels something from being in that energy.

We are all energetic beings and we crave the intimacy of connection with others on a deep soul. level- the more we awaken to our spiritual path the more we crave authentic connections and as such often spend more time alone as we nurture this soul need within.

Creating ceremony is all about

* setting an intention for higher consciousness, healing, love

* connecting to your soul purpose

* being present with self and emotions

* having respect for self and others

* generating LOVE on a grand scale

When create self ceremony or some call it meditation we are connecting back to the stillness within, training the egoic mind to be silent and opening our heart and soul to our highest purpose our souls purpose and raising our vibration and flexing our spiritual muscle. That ripples out into the world and creates healing, love and compassion.

When we sit in Ceremony with others we create an energetic bond, a spiritual connection with others that amplify the collective intention, healing and love within that circle.

Ceremony can take 5 minutes or 5 hours. If your

intention is pure, if you are sitting in present time with your emotions, your spirit, your soul and opening your heart to love of self and others, you are contributing to the Consciousness of our planet and people. You are creating a gateway for your guides, angels, ancestors etc to come to earth, to assist us as we move toward a new way of being, a more aware and conscious way of living and being.

When you sit in ceremony and are present with self - You are making a difference!

I work with the ancient plant medicine of Sacred Cacao and connect with her ancestors and shamans when I facilitate my Sacred Cacao Ceremony's.

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x Natalie