Conscious Breathwork

Is the practice of using your breath as a tool to create more awareness, teaching yourself to observe your environment, thoughts, and feelings without judgment. It allows you to be mindful and present with self and to release trauma and emotional wounds.

Breathwork nourishes your physical, emotional, spiritual and mental body. It's also easy to do. All you need is a few minutes of peace and quiet. You can do it anywhere, anytime and IT's FREE. You are the source of your own healing with Breathwork.

Benefits of Breathwork;

Awareness - observing your thoughts and feelings

Acceptance - of self - without judgement

Connection - to self and soul

Clarity - direction, focus and inner truth

Relaxation - of mind, body and soul

Surrender - letting go of what arises

Integration - of the shifts that occur with breath

Here's how to start by being present with the breath

  • Find a quiet place to sit calmly and comfortably.

  • Be mindful of your current breath and take notice of your body and surroundings.

  • If your mind does wander, gently refocus on your breath

  • Draw breath slowly in through your nose for a count of 4

  • Pause and hold your breath for count of 4

  • Exhale slowly through the nose for a count of 4

  • repeat for a few rotations

Working with Conscious Breath to Connect with your Soul

  • Sip the breath in fast through the mouth as though you are breathing through a straw

  • Pause for count of 2

  • Exhale audibly with a loud AH

  • Pause with no breath for as long as you can

  • repeat for a few rotations.

Make it a habit to be conscious and present with yourself using the controlled breath techniques above;

  • to clear your mind

  • relax your body

  • release stress

  • improve focus

  • increase happy hormones

  • to sleep better

  • & feel happier

"Breathwork is a vital tool for navigating life with more peace".

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