Ascension Healing with Alta Major Chakra Activation

Have you been experiencing dizziness, ringing in the ears, insomnia, headaches, sinus or vertigo type symptoms?

As an empath are you feeling highly impacted by others and the global fear right now?

Could be your Alta Major Chakra requires a tune up!

The Alta Major chakra is the colour Teal and is located at the base of the skull and was known by ancient cultures as the "Mouth of God/Goddess." - the path to Ascension.

This chakra connects our pineal and pituitary glands, thymus, crown and heart chakras and our kundalini systems. Creating a powerful infinity of rhythm, flow and consciousness, and was reported to being open and active in all people during The Atlantian and Lemurian times, where it become closed when humanity fell. Right now it is activating in many of us, causing chaos for some, clarity for others. Me? I'm excited!

Are you wondering why it is activating in us now? Take a look around you, if ever there was a time of rapid change and crumbling of the old paradigm it is NOW. I am excited we are sharing this time together, for I know that if we are experiencing it THEN we can contribute to the conscious arising of the planet.

The age of Aquarius is upon us, those of us awakened souls have been healing, grieving, meditating and working toward this moment since before our lifetime began.

That's you by the way - if you have found your way to my website and services then,

you are an "AWAKENED SOUL."

Thanks for hanging in there, I know this journey has been a tough one.

The Alta Major is the lunar, feminine entrance to the third eye, as the pineal is the solar, masculine entrance. In most of us, these two entrances to the third eye are disconnected. When both solar and feminine entrances connect, all the sacred codes that have been waiting in the DNA for thousands of years activate, and express themselves through the Alta Major chakra, literally manifesting our goals, visions, and perceptions with EASE.

This Chakra helps us to access hidden realms:

  • 5th Dimensional Inner Earth Cities of the Sirian Archangelic League of Light,

  • 6th Dimensional Cities of Light of the Pleiadians,

  • Earth Grid System: Unity Grid and Crystalline Grid,

  • Ascended Masters Temples

  • Connecting you with Higher self

When this Chakra is aligned it can manifest as inspired ideas and solutions to problems and even prophetic dreaming. It can create clear vision to see things for what they are, without allowing judgements of the mind to interfere. When out of balance, this energy centre can manifest as clouded judgement, always seeing the negative side of things and an inability to tap into our intuitive power in order to receive other dimensional messages, general all round confusion and overwhelm and even despondency.

When your Alta Major chakra is balanced and open, you feel energised, creative, excited about life and naturally begin to connect strongly with more enhanced spiritual, psychic and healing abilities.

So I bet you are thinking " wow how do I do that?"

Well my friend, you are in the right place. You have begun the process just by being alive right now, just by being you, showing up every day, navigating life with love, compassion and processing and releasing your own healing and trauma.

But you can't do it alone.

In response to the rapidly changing times, global stress and new energetic downloads I am receiving, I have created a NEW powerful "Ascension Healing" that will;

1- Activate your DNA - realign, reconfigure and reactivate your DNA

2-Disconnect you from the Matrix - release the old 3 D model of existence

3-Tune up your Alta Major Chakra - raise your vibrational frequency

My Sacred Soul Code Activations are downloads that activate your DNA