Sacred Cacao Ceremony 11/3 Hervey Bay. Holistic Healing Haven 399 The Esplanade Torquay
Thu, 11 Mar | Holistic Healing Haven

Sacred Cacao Ceremony 11/3 Hervey Bay. Holistic Healing Haven 399 The Esplanade Torquay

Only 12 tickets- Deep journey work, Shamanic Breathwork, vibrational Healing, sound and light language release trauma, heal pain, open your heart, bring yoga mat, cushions, blanket and water bottle
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Time & Location

11 Mar, 6:30 pm – 8:30 pm AEST
Holistic Healing Haven, 399 The Esplanade Torquay Qld

About the Event

Each sacred cacao journey is unique for each participant. And how you release and heal your subconscious wounds and emotions within my circle is met with love acceptance and non judgement. I’ll guide and support you though every release as each other participant takes their own journey and we hold space for each other within the circle  Knowing that ,what you heal and release and how you do that through deep breathing practices also benefits others within the circle and the global consciousness. As the ancient ho'oponopono practices teaches us: what I see in you I see in me. What I heal in me I heal in you   You will enjoy an evening of healing, connection, meditation and magic as Mother Cacao takes you on a deep journey into self and soul.   Each guest will receive and connect with the sacred cacao medicine and with each sip dip deeper into their soul journey. A journey of release, relaxation and manifestation.  I will support each person's individual journey with sound and energy healing and channeled song and language.  Please bring yoga mat and cushions and blanket and water bottle. Dress comfortably as you will be in deep meditation for around 90 minutes.    Please note breathwork used in thesecacao ceremonies are not recommended for pregnant women - if you are pregnant please advise host who will modify for you.sorry no refunds or transfers available. I value my commitment to and request you value your commitment to self also.  PLEASE READ AND UNDERSTAND WHAT YOU ARE AGREEING TO by purchasing your ticket to this event. If you have any questions or need clarity, please reach out to me before making your booking.

As a ticket holder- I acknowledge that I alone am responsible for my well-being. I take full responsibility for my individual experience and outcome associated with my involvement in the Cacao Ceremony and beyond. Under no circumstances will Natalie McIvor or any of her team supporting her events will be held responsible for my actions or circumstances.

I acknowledge that I will enter into an agreement of confidentiality and respect for other participants at this event. I ensure that I have no pre-existing health complaints and that I am fit to participate in the training.I agree to my image being used for marketing purposes.

I am attending this ceremony of my own free will, taking full responsibility for any and all outcomes of my experience.

I have carefully and thoroughly read and understand this agreement. I am aware that with my financial investment I am agreeing to and I am legally bound to the aforementioned statements. I accept these terms with gratitude for my individual free will choice.I agree to my image being used for photo or video marketing. If you have any medical conditions please check with GP first to ensure this Ceremony is suitable for you.

x Natalie

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