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Shamanic Trance and Cacao Journeys

Private shamanic breath and cacao journey available by appointment only.

I know that sometimes, you need your journey to be private, to be deeper and to be 100% about you!!  I know that you can't always get that in a group journey and that's why I am focusing on providing PRIVATE sessions only for the rest of this year. 


If you are committed, dedicated and serious about your healing and growth, then  I am here for you, email or phone me and let's book your private session TODAY


In ancient times, Shamanic healers would work with this Sacred Plant medicine to connect with their Gods/Goddesses, to ask for clarity, protection, guidance and healing for their tribes and their land.

In modern times, we too can work with Cacao to support our transformation and ascension.

I believe that in recent years, this plant medicine received a massive boost of energy, changing its vibrational frequency to become a pathway to instantly connects us with that ancient medicine, that ancient wisdom and the ancestors of Cacao.

When we are committed to our souls journey and the transformation of our planet, we can access not only deep trauma passed down from lineage to lineage BUT also the wisdom and gifts of those who came before us, with cacao and breathwork. 

If you are drawn to Cacao and ceremony, then I believe you have walked this path before and your soul has committed to a life of transformation not just for self but for our planet.

In these changing times, it is imperative that we support our emotional and energetic systems, the connections we hold with others and access the ancient gifts and healing of Sacred Cacao.

I am here for you 

x Natalie

Shamanic Journey with Cacao 
with Natalie and Tanika
@ Maroochydore