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I am love- self love program-
Sacred Soul Code activations and rituals to fall in love with self

do you love yourself? 

Answer these questions

have you ever

given up what you desire to make another happy

looked in the mirror and hated your body

rejected your dreams because you thoguhgt you were not good enough

allowed anothger to mis treat you? 

if you answered YET to any of the above, then this program is for you!

what does it mean "self love"? Does it mean bubble baths, time out and saying NO to others? Yes... in part.?

how do you know if you love yourself? 

Well- do you judge yourself and rehash all the things you have done wrong? do you forget to make time for you? do yo let others decide how you spend yoru time, money? 

Do you look in the mirror and smile or frown?

Love Yourself

Join my tribe of happy self lovers!!

Daily practices

train your self love muscle like you would any other muscle

Sacred Soul Code Activations

That release, heal and let go of negative beliefs, patterns and programs and all that negative self talk!

Simple Rituals

to connect with elements and moon cycles to create change

Yoga at Home

Download the I am love self love program now!

And begin your journey to 

self love

self acceptance

self approval

self desire

Register here

daily rituals and practices to connect deeply to love of self.

this is your first step toward self love

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